About Me

On the first day of summer, my eyes were opened to the new world in my mother’s arm. I finished elementary and high school in Tehran. After few years, I moved to one of the southern states to stay.

At the age twenty-five, I left home to find my dreams come true in Sweden. I was willing to discover a world, which was very different from my own traditional home. I wanted to see myself flying into the sky of freedom. I wanted to scream my thoughts out without being bothered.

In 1999, my first album, ”Cheshmhaaye To”, was introduced to public with the help of Reza Jabbarian, a music composer, living in Sweden.

In 2005, I released my second professional album, “ Saaghi”, to the fine art lovers. Lyrics were done by Miss. Soheila, and Mr. Khosro. Songs were composed by Hamid Jafari

I am continuing my beloved profession in the southern part of Sweden. Since I love Turkish Music so much, and because of its effect on my view and feelings, I have devoted myself to this style, and I am hoping to come up with the next album in Turkish.

I feel like owing my successes to my close friends and my fellow citizens in Sweden and United States, because of their endless encouragements, as well as, their precious helps in producing my albums.

At the end, I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my especial appreciation to:
Lady Soheila, and Gentlemen, Reza Rajabian, Hamid and Khosro Jafari, Shahbod, Morteza Barjaste, hamid Shabkhiz, Ahmad Azaad, Ofu, Koji, Mustafa Khaknegaar, and Mansoury’s( Ahmad, Masoud, and Sadry).